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The Need for Nurses


  • Nursing is a highly regarded profession by the public. The Gallup poll has consistently found nurses to be rated as the #1 profession for “honesty and ethical standards”
  • The demand for nurses is increasing while nurses are in short supply
  • With the increase in the numbers of baby boomers now joining the ranks of retired Americans, there is an increasing demand for nursing services
  • A nursing career offers a wide range of career opportunities from pediatrics to geriatrics
  • The Bureau of Labor statistics report that employ among nurses will grow faster than average for many years
  • Registered nurses constitute the largest healthcare occupation with 2.6 million jobs
  • Nursing education requires many years of extensive and expensive study
  • Nurses are leaders in the health care industry
  • Nurses make a difference in the lives of individuals and in society as a whole
  • Nurses are assuming greater responsibility for the health care of patients
  • The body of nursing knowledge is rapidly increasing
  • Nursing practice is no longer confined to the bedside and hospital. Nurses now influence legislation, change health care delivery systems, educate about disease prevention and health promotion and write and publish
  • Median annual nurse wages are competitive and greatly improved


  • The need for nursing care in America is greater than ever
  • The complexity of nursing care and documentation requires greater use of technology and sophisticated equipment
  • The expanded roles of nurses has contributed to the increase in demand
  • With the world population living longer and needing more nursing care, there will be an estimated shortage of 800,000 nurses by 2020


  • “Nurses are responsible for keeping patients alive”
  • “Nursing care is central to a quality health care system”
  • “The fastest growing population today is the age group from 65-85. They will develop more chronic diseases requiring more nursing care”